By Alex, 2016

White noise... Suddenly there's music. You know the monster must be right next to you. That only means one thing: Run or hide!

You have died, your soul has been shattered in a million pieces and before you can leave the earthly realms, you are trying to collect as many pieces of your soul as possible. But wait, there is something creepy lurking in the ghostly shadows, quickly hide! for if it catches you, you will be doomed to roam the world as a ghost for eternity.

The game has been tested and played in different versions in Vienna at Play:Vienna Game Clinics and the SummerLab, at OPENdonnerstag at OPENmarx, at Playin' Siegen Festival in Siegen, at Tobacco City Inception 2017 in Plovdiv as well as at the Drama-Games Festival 2023 in Germany.